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From dynamic AI-driven all-in-one debt recovery platform to matching with specialised lawyers, QuickLegal empowers you to eliminate manual work, streamline cash flow and get specialised legal assistance & legal translations 24/7, all at affordable costs to propel your company’s growth

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Upload any contracts, invoices, orders etc., for AI to extract relevant data.

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Design your own automated recovery flows and set automated client recovery notices across multiple communication channels.

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View a real-time dashboard with detailed reports for monitoring challenging collections efforts and outcomes.

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Get matched with a lawyer to assist with hard collection or other legal needs.

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Experience the difference: All-in-one debt recovery platform with AI-powered automations and matching with lawyers

Debt recovery

All-In-One debt recovery platform from the first notice up to the court claim.

Matching with a specialised lawyer

We instantly put you in contact with the most suitable lawyers chosen based on the information provided by you.

Free 15 min talk with a lawyer

Speak LIVE 15 minutes for free with the lawyer of your choice

Authorised translations

Order professional translation services at the most competitive rates in the industry fully online

Access legal drafts

You get have access to contract drafts at accessible.

Legal News

Access to latest legal news and articles all in a 3 minutes read articles

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I used QuickLegal to find a lawyer in Romania who could help me with a quick solution related to a client. It was so simple, and the free 15-minute discussion with the lawyer helped me tremendously. Thank you!
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QuickLegal is the solution I was waiting for to have full control and visibility over the recovery of my company's unpaid invoice. It's fast, simple and intuitive.
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I had the opportunity to use the legal services offered by the lawyers on the QuickLegal platform, and the experience was exceptional. The registration process was simple and fast, and access to quality advice was instant. The lawyer was extremely responsive and professional, answering my questions in a clear and efficient manner.


Frequently asked questions

Quick Legal is an online platform that provides users with personalized legal information, easy access to legal information of public interest and facilitates the interaction between users looking for legal services and lawyers specialized in the field of labor law and suitable to meet their needs.

The platform is intended to work as a two-step process. First, Quick Legal provides users with personalized legal information in the form of short answers provided by lawyers registered on the platform to the questions asked. For now, the platform is focused only on labor law issues, therefore, at this time, we cannot guarantee to receive answers regarding other legal issues addressed on the platform. For more complex situations that cannot be solved with a simple answer, users can request consulting services from lawyers available on the platform, by registering such a request and accepting the proposal received from the chosen lawyer – thus reaching the chat platform, the second step of the process, where they can interact directly with their chosen lawyer.

Efficiency – We don’t want to simply throw out legal information, or give information in hard-to-understand legal language, we want to democratize law and legal information, we want to make it accessible to anyone and understandable to anyone. That is why the information available on the platform will be short, to the point and focused on current issues and interest.

Personalization of services – We will not simply give a general list of lawyers with their contact details. We believe that anyone can get such information online with a simple search. We want to make sure we connect you with a lawyer who specializes in your matter, and not just that. We want to make sure we connect you with a professional who exactly matches your needs in terms of flexibility, urgency, fee and legal expertise. How do we do that? Well, based on a matching algorithm, upon your request, the platform will provide a list of 3 available lawyers that best match your needs. We will then give you access to the lawyers’ profile where you will be able to learn more about them and the feedback they have received from users up to that point in order to make an informed decision. Thus, you will have the option to select a lawyer that suits you best and have a free chat with him for 15 minutes. If, after the chat, you want to hire the lawyer’s legal services, you can discuss with him the conclusion of a legal assistance contract.

QuickLegal is not a law firm. The answers provided to the questions asked are deliberately for informational purposes only for an easier understanding of some legal issues and are in no way a complete legal opinion or legal advice. The responses received should not be considered absolute, and the attorneys who provide these responses do so only out of goodwill and to provide general public legal assistance. Please note that this exchange of information does not create a client-attorney relationship. We inform all clients that the services we provide are not and should never be a substitute for the legal advice of an attorney.
By using the QuickLegal platform, lawyers on our platform do not promote or solicit services from potential clients. In fact, what is unique about our platform is that clients themselves post their questions or come with legal issues to our platform in search of lawyers. The client, and only the client, determines who they want to hire as their attorney.

You can ask any question related to employment law, such as questions about a particular process, documents, rights or questions related to your specific legal issue or the meaning of certain legal terms or phrases. You can ask for advice, information about possible outcomes, or legal assistance from a lawyer. Once you’ve chosen to work with a lawyer, you can talk directly with them about your legal problem and the most appropriate ways to resolve it.

If you’re not sure what type of legal issue you’re dealing with, you can select the general “other” option. If you choose this option, the algorithm will not take the type of legal matter into account when sending you the list of lawyers.

Nothing easier. You just need to create an account on the platform or log in and address your legal issue.


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