A new gross minimum basic salary was approved in Romania starting in 2021

According to art. 164 C. Labour, the gross minimum basic salary per country guaranteed in payment, corresponding to the normal work schedule, is established by Government decision, after consultation with trade unions and employers.

Thus, the project to increase the minimum basic salary proposed by the Ministry of Labor was approved on January 13, 2021, through the entry into force of Government Decision no. 4/2021 for establishing the gross minimum basic salary per country guaranteed in payment (“HG no. 4/2021”).

From the information provided by the Government, following the consultation of the unions and employers, the representatives of the unions requested the increase of the minimum gross salary to 2,400 RON/month, while the representatives of the employers requested to maintain the 2020 level of 2,230 RON/month.

As a result of these consultations, by HG no. 4/2021, the gross minimum basic salary was set at 2,300 RON per month (approx. EUR 470), for a work schedule of 169,333 hours per month, respectively approx. 8 hours a day. It turns out that the basic minimum wage per hour is in the amount of 13,583 lei (approx. 3 EUR). This amount does not include increases and additions.

Therefore, the minimum gross basic salary applicable from 2021 increases by 70 RON (approx. 14 EUR) compared to 2020, when it was 2,230 RON per month (approx. 457 EUR). Therefore, in 2021 the minimum net salary will be 1,386 RON (approx. 284 EUR), 40 lei more than the one in 2020.

We mention that for the category of personnel who hold positions for which higher education is required, with at least one year of work experience in the field of higher education, the gross minimum basic salary per country remains at the same level as before. Thus, for this category, the gross minimum basic salary per country will be 2,350 RON per month (approx. 482 EUR), for a normal work schedule of 169,333 hours on average per month.

Also, the gross minimum basic salary in the field of construction remains the same as in 2020, namely 3,000 RON/month (approx. EUR 616).



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