On April 20, 2022, the Chamber of Deputies adopted a bill amending art. 34 of C. Labor, as we will show in the following.

According to art. 34 C. Labor, employers are obliged to draw up a general employee record register (“REVISAL“), which is sent to ITM. This register includes elements such as date of employment, type of individual employment contract, salary, etc.

Currently, employees do not have access to REVISAL. Only at the request of the employee or former employee, the employer is obliged to issue a document certifying the activity carried out by him, the duration of the activity, the salary, the seniority in the work, in the profession and in the specialty.

Through the draft law, it was proposed to modify the above rule regarding access to REVISAL only on the basis of a request to the employer, in order to allow employees’ online access to this register.

Thus, employees will be able to check, at any time, online, information regarding their employment contracts, as well as whether their employers have paid their contributions to the state.

The project provides that “The right of access is limited to viewing, downloading and printing these data, as well as to online generation and downloading of an extract from the register“.

This project is a step forward for digitization, with employees being exempted from a bureaucratic procedure for accessing information regarding their employment contracts.

The project was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies and was sent to the President of Romania for promulgation.



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