The population census is an exercise that is carried out regularly every few years, usually every ten (10) years, in each country and is organized in order to determine some basic minimum information to know the size and characteristics of the population located on a certain territory.

According to the law (EOG no. 19/2020), the review of the following categories of persons is mandatory, and non-compliance may attract sanctions of a disciplinary, civil, contraventional nature (fine up to 5,000 lei), or even criminal, as the case may be:

1) persons with Romanian citizenship, foreign or stateless, with habitual residence in Romania – for example, this also includes persons with foreign citizenship with a residence permit and habitual residence in Romania;

2) persons with Romanian citizenship, domiciled in Romania, but residing in another country for a period of less than 12 months – for example, Romanian students going to study in another country;

3) persons with Romanian citizenship who are members of the staff of diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania abroad, members of the national armed forces stationed in the rest of the world, national staff of national scientific bases established outside the geographical territory of the country, persons of Romanian citizenship who are crew members of fishing vessels, other vessels, aircraft and floating platforms operating partially or entirely outside the economic territory;

4) households and family units;

5) residential buildings;

6) buildings with a destination other than residential, if there is at least one dwelling in them;

7) homes located in any building, regardless of the form of ownership, on the territory of Romania;

8) collective living spaces.

New this year is the possibility for people to opt for self-review online, and to avoid being reviewed in person by staff authorized for this purpose, in just a few simple steps. The benefit of online self-review is not only the efficiency and speed of the process, but also the right to benefit from a paid day off from the employer upon presentation of proof of online self-review.

How to do self-review

The first step is to access the self-review platform and fill in the pre-registration form.

After pre-registration, the person who completed the form as well as the members of his household (whom he entered in the pre-registration form) will receive a link to the indicated email address(es), each link leading to the individual census questionnaire.

After completing the census questionnaire with the necessary data, a proof of self-review will be issued which can be accessed HERE in the section: self-review verification. If the questionnaire was not completed properly (partial completion / errors), a message will be displayed regarding the impossibility of accepting the questionnaire in the census database. In this case, the process must be restarted.

It is important to note that the reference moment of the census, i.e. the moment we must refer to when filling out the questionnaire, is December 1, 2021, and not the day of completing the questionnaire. That is, if on December 1, 2021 a family had only 2 members, but the wife was pregnant, even if at the time of completing the questionnaire the family has 3 members, it will still complete the questionnaire with 2 members.

Advantages of online self-review

Employers of people who provide proof of online self-review are obliged to grant them a day off, paid, on a mutually agreed date within a maximum of 12 months from the date of successful completion of the self-review.

It is important to note that the day off is granted regardless of whether the person in question completed the online self-review for himself and other members of the household, or for other persons according to the law.

The proof of online self-review can be downloaded from dovrec.insse.ro and the self-review confirmation certificate can be accessed based on the CNP, including by the employer if he wants to check.

More information on the conduct of the census can be found at recensamantromania.ro.



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