QuickLegal partners with EdgeFront Technologies to create an online platform that provides free legal information on employment law and connects potential clients with specialized lawyers

QuickLegal partners with Edgefront Technologies, a software company that provides state-of-the-art IT solutions and services, to create the only legal matchmaking platform in Romania which automatically recommends the most suitable lawyers specializing in labor law issues, along with their fee offers, offers the possibility to chat with the lawyer, as well as free legal information.

We have noticed an increased interest from young people in the workforce in knowing their rights as employees and their need to obtain legal information quickly, easily and from reliable sources. QuickLegal meets this problem and puts them in touch with specialist lawyers, promptly providing 3 fee offers from the most suitable lawyers, recommended by a matchmaking algorithm, based on specific criteria”, said Luminița Bușuricu, CEO of QuickLegal.

In addition, after selecting one of the 3 fee offers, the client can communicate directly with the lawyer through the platform and exchange documents with him.

“The ultimate goal of the platform is to automate repetitive questions and provide free legal advice through AI and natural language processing algorithms,” said Iulia Caizer, QuickLegal COO.

QuickLegal will also enter into partnerships with specialized lawyers, giving them the opportunity to expand their clientele and easily manage their work and communication with clients through a virtual office.

At the national level, the platform already has registered lawyers from all counties, both young lawyers and lawyers with more than 7 years of experience.

If you need legal advice on labor law quickly and at reasonable costs or you are a lawyer who wants to offer advice taking advantage of the benefits of a virtual office, register here: https://quicklegal.ro/.

For more information, contact QuickLegal.



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