QuickLegal partners with Prime Dash

QuickLegal concludes a strategic partnership with Prime Dash, a company that offers simple and innovative financial solutions for businesses and financial institutions, using advanced analysis and machine learning.

This partnership comes as a result of participating in one of the most important accelerators in Romania, InnovX by BCR, and aims to promote mutual products, in the context in which the two start-ups want to reach as easily as possible to as many people, companies and institutions as possible who would need their services.

“We have noticed an increased interest from employees in knowing their rights, as well as a need to obtain legal information quickly, easily and from reliable sources. QuickLegal supports them, putting them in contact with specialized lawyers, recommended through a matchmaking algorithm, based on specific criteria”, said Luminița Bușuricu, CEO of QuickLegal.

QuickLegal is now looking to expand into the SME area as a result of identifying similar needs. The platform already has more than 100 registered and active lawyers, who come from all counties and have different levels of experience.

For Prime Dash, the partnership comes as a response to our desire to proactively meet the needs of entrepreneurs, taking into account that Prime Dash, beyond financial products, is preparing the official launch of a B2B market place that will bring adjacent services tailored to the needs of our users , SMEs, said Ioana Rus, president of Prime Dash’s Board of Directors.

Prime Dash is a Fintech that provides users with simple and innovative financial solutions based on Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics. Our financial analysis software, Decision Maker, is aimed at entrepreneurs and supports them to help them understand their financial data and control the financial health of the company, make simulations and predictions. The processed information is taken from accounting software via API connection or from accounting balances. To date we have approximately 2500 subscriptions created.

If you need legal advice quickly and at reasonable costs or you are a lawyer who wants to offer his services, do not hesitate to register here: https://quicklegal.ro/.

To create an account in Decision Maker and benefit from a virtual CFO, access now https://decisionmaker.ro/



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