Terms and conditions

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  1. QUICKLEGAL SRL, a company with registered office in Dumbrăvița, Str. Ion Creangă, no. 60, Jud. Timiș, registered at the Trade Registry Office at the Timiș Court under order number J35/3756/2021, CUI 44915080, known under the trade name QuickLegal, operates a website accessible at https://quicklegal.ro/ (hereinafter referred to as “Platform”) offering an online platform dedicated to connecting lawyers and their potential clients (individuals or legal entities) (hereinafter referred to as “Users”).
  2. This Agreement contains the terms and conditions of use of the Platform, defines the rights and conditions of the Users in their relationship with the Platform, all of which are an integral part of this Agreement.
  3. Access and/or use of the Platform implies unlimited acceptance and full compliance with this Agreement together with the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy.


  1. To be able to access the services of the Platform, Users must create an account in order to register. Users must be at least 18 years old, have the legal capacity to contract and use the Platform according to this Agreement.
  2. By creating an account, the User confirms that the data provided is correct, complete and true. Otherwise, after checking the information and documents uploaded to the Platform, the account will not be validated and the User’s access to the account will be blocked.
  3. Access to the created account is protected by a username and password. The password must be constantly updated. Any changes to user data must be updated within the Platform.
  4. The User is solely responsible for any use of the Platform that may be made through his username and password and the sole guarantor of their confidentiality.
  5. Lawyers who become Users are obliged to correctly and completely complete their profile page within the Platform, as well as they are responsible for its constant updating and, at the same time, they must pass the verification stage.
  6. To create a lawyer profile, the User will be validated after submitting all the information and documents that prove his quality, which can be found in the registration form. Validation of the accounts will be done manually based on the data provided or the supporting documents issued by the U.N.B.R.
  7. The lawyers also agree to upload on the Platform or send to the email address of QuickLegal the necessary documents in order to verify the quality of the lawyer and fulfill the obligations regarding the fight against illegal lawyering, hidden work, as well as the rules of transparency for combating tax fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing (“KYC”).
  8. For Users domiciled outside Romania, they must also comply with all their obligations under the law applicable to their status in their country of residence, as well as the obligations arising from their use of the Platform and Romanian legislation.
  9. If the User provides false, inaccurate, expired, or incomplete information, QuickLegal will have the right to suspend or close the User’s account and deny any future access to all or part of the Platform’s services
  10. QuickLegal automatically collects certain technical information, which it stores in its traffic reports. The information may include the IP of the device, the region or general location from which the Platform is accessed, and the type of browser, operating system or device type from which the Platform is accessed. This information is used based on our legitimate interest to observe how the pages of the Platform meet optimal user needs, to diagnose problems originating from servers, to analyze trends and to improve the way the Platform is used.


  1. The User Services mainly include the access service, profile creation, matchmaking between lawyers and natural / legal persons requesting the assistance of a lawyer, secure chat, and publishing information / articles on the Platform.
  2. The potential natural / legal person client independently contacts the lawyer through the Platform. After a free exchange of information about the desired legal service, the lawyer can continue communications or address the potential client with a proposal to conclude a legal assistance contract.
  3. The potential client will have unrestricted access to the lawyer’s profile on the Platform after connecting with him and to the chat service with him.
  4. The lawyer will be able to access the Platform either in the free version, with the possibility of buying credits whenever he needs, or in the monthly or annual subscription type version.
  5. The contact by the potential client of a Lawyer, the acceptance of the Lawyer, the answers given by him to the potential client, the conclusion of the legal assistance contract, the payment of the fee and any other legal or contractual obligation of the potential client or the lawyer fall exclusively to them, the Platform having no obligation or task in this regard.
  6. The lawyer is obliged to respect the interests of his client, the honor and reputation of the profession, as well as his professional obligations. The lawyer is obliged to respect the Statute of the lawyer profession and the legislation in force.
  7. The user will be able to contact QuickLegal mainly at the email address provided in the Contact section.
  8. The Platform is not responsible for the accuracy of the information entered by the User on the personal profile and does not guarantee the quality of the legal services provided by the lawyer. The company will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the correctness of the information and to maintain the high quality standard of the legal services contracted through the Platform.
  9. The platform does not represent a form of exercising the profession. Lawyers are independent legal professionals and join the Platform independently, thus expressing their own free and unrestricted will. This Contract does not represent an intermediary contract, the Platform not being obliged to lawyers for finding and contracting potential clients.
  10. QuickLegal reserves the right to refuse to provide services for illegal, immoral and unworthy purposes of the legal profession. In this regard, if QuickLegal considers that the request for services may have an immoral, illegal or unworthy purpose of the legal profession, it will inform the User of the refusal to provide the services.
  11. QuickLegal will be able to refuse the provision of services also if the User abuses the services offered as they are described on the QuickLegal website and in this document and does not follow QuickLegal’s instructions on the website and in this document regarding their use.
  12. The Platform is accessible 24/7 for all Users, under the limited conditions mentioned in this Agreement.
  13. QuickLegal reserves the right, without notice or compensation, to temporarily or permanently close the Platform or suspend the provision of services, interrupt access to one or more services to verify, update, or modify operational methods, servers, services and hours of accessibility, or other reasons independent of QuickLegal, without this list being exhaustive.
  14. QuickLegal reserves the right to bring to the website and the services offered all the changes and improvements it considers necessary or useful for their proper functioning. Changes will be made known to the User by simply displaying them on the website and will be considered accepted by the User if he continues to use the service after they are displayed on the website


  1. The prices are those communicated or displayed on the Platform, are expressed in EUR or RON and do not include VAT. Invoicing will be done in RON at the exchange rates on the day of payment. If the price is erroneously displayed on the Platform, for any reason, QuickLegal will inform the User by email as soon as possible about such error.
  2. The lawyer either accesses the free but limited version of the Platform, or pays a price in the form of a subscription, monthly or annually. QuickLegal reserves the right to create different price offers.
  3. Individuals or legal entities either access the free but limited version of the Platform, or pay a fixed price per service package or a monthly or annual subscription. QuickLegal reserves the right to create different price offers.


  1. Payment by the User to QuickLegal will be made by bank transfer or bank card through a secure online payment service. QuickLegal may update the prices of the services at any time, and such update will supersede any prices previously displayed for such services.
  2. QuickLegal will issue the User an invoice in electronic format, the User’s obligation being to provide all the necessary information according to the legislation in force for QuickLegal to issue the invoice.
  3. In the case of online payments, QuickLegal is not and cannot be held responsible for any other cost borne by the User in addition to the price of the purchased service including, but not limited to, transfer or currency conversion fees applied by the issuing bank of the User’s card, if the card’s issuing currency differs from the currency in which the sale is made.
  4. The User will be able to request to stop the Subscription at any time, and its benefits will be stopped after the last day of the subscription. In case of a request to stop the subscription, the amounts already paid for the purchase of the subscription will not be refunded, it will produce its effects until the last day of the subscription.
  5. For the purpose of implementing the payment system, QuickLegal has subscribed such services to a third party company authorized to process such online transactions in accordance with the legislation in force, (hereinafter referred to as the “Payment Partner”). Users contract directly with the Payment Partner regarding the payment system by providing and declare that they accept the terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policy offered by the Payment Partner available on its website.


  1. Users are encouraged to rate each other. The ratings provided by the client/collaborator will appear on the lawyer’s profile pages. The ratings provided by the lawyer will appear on the profile page of the client/collaborator.
  2. In the event of low ratings, QuickLegal reserves the right to submit an online feedback form to those involved to learn more about the alleged incident or issues that have arisen. QuickLegal reserves the right to refuse to publish a review if, in the reasonable opinion of the company, there are suspicions that the review was not based on real factual situations and/or contains profanity and licentious language.
  3. The lawyer agrees, however, not to publish or have published on his profile recommendations out of pure complacency.


  1. The User agrees to access and use the Platform and services in accordance with applicable laws and these General Terms of Use.
  2. The User acknowledges that QuickLegal may intervene to moderate the published content, if it does not comply with the laws and regulations in force, as well as the obligations of the Users in accordance with these terms.
  3. The user agrees and accepts that the services provided do not constitute or contain (explicit or implicit) a declaration, assurance or guarantee that the public or private authorities or any other entities will agree to the services delivered, that they will act in a certain way or that they will fail to act.
  4. The user agrees to make all the declarations and formalities necessary for his operations and to fulfill all his legal, social, administrative and fiscal obligations and all his obligations, as the case may be, in accordance with the relevant Romanian and / or foreign legislation, in the context of its activity and use of services. Upon request, the User agrees to provide without delay to QuickLegal any evidence proving that it meets the conditions so established. The user is solely responsible for the proper fulfillment of the formalities mentioned above. QuickLegal cannot be held liable for this.
  5. The User agrees and accepts that he is fully responsible for the use of the Platform and QuickLegal cannot be held responsible for any damages suffered by the User in connection with this use.
  6. The potential client is solely responsible for describing the factual situation and/or the legal situation for which he requests a price offer and/or collaboration with a lawyer.
  7. The user agrees to use the site correctly, in particular not to circumvent the site and its services. Similarly, any User shall refrain from making any extraction of the content of the Site for a similar or competitive activity, or for recruitment.
  8. The potential client undertakes to provide a serious and sufficiently detailed request to the lawyer contacted through the Platform, in order to obtain a fee proposal as accurate as possible. Thus, the potential client undertakes to provide the lawyer with any necessary detail so that the legal issue is as accurate as possible and does not mislead the lawyer.
  9. The potential customer is prohibited from using the services and the Platform to promote his or a third party’s business. As such, it undertakes, in particular, not to send advertising messages to website users or to solicit them. The lawyer undertakes to comply with the provisions of Law no. 5/1995 for the organization and exercise of the republished lawyer profession and the Statute of the Lawyer Profession, revised, regarding the publicity of the profession’s forms of exercise.
  10. The lawyer undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the data and information that have been sent or that he has become aware of during communication through the Platform from potential clients before and after the conclusion of legal assistance contracts, according to the legislation in force.
  11. Users are prohibited from sharing with any third party, whether in private networks or social networks, any exchange, information or extract from the online communication site.


  • Rights and obligations of Users
  1. Users are solely responsible for direct or indirect damages that they may suffer due to inaccurate, incomplete and / or misleading information that they would provide at registration or, in the absence of updating their information, for which they alone assume full responsibility.
  2. The User agrees that any notice given to him in accordance with and pursuant to this document shall be given to the email address provided when creating his profile on the Platform.
  3. The User is solely responsible for all materials that he has uploaded online to the Platform.
  4. It is prohibited to use language and publish any content that is offensive, defamatory, compromising, racist, unethical and immoral towards other Users, inciting hatred that violates public order or the rights of third parties, that could affect the rights, reputation and image of the company and , in general, that violates the law and / or legal regulations, especially those of criminal law or is contrary to customs or morals. QuickLegal has the right to delete any such content. Also, any threats, insults, racist and / or sexist statements will be deleted.
  5. The user undertakes to:
  1. do not modify, distribute, copy, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, grant licenses, create derivative products, transfer or sell any information or services obtained from or through this Platform, except in accordance with the terms of this document, such as and with the applicable legislation;
  1. does not carry out or allow the activity of cracking, hacking or other attacks in the “denial of service” category (i.e. interference with the service, regarding any user, network or server). Users who violate the security of systems or networks may be prosecuted in court, according to the applicable civil and criminal provisions.
  1. The user is solely responsible for entering into and executing contracts for a legal situation. The conclusion and implementation of these contracts, which are concluded directly between the lawyer and the potential client, takes place only at the initiative and under the sole responsibility of the latter.
  2. The lawyer acknowledges and agrees that QuickLegal is not responsible for the services provided by the lawyer. The lawyer acknowledges and agrees that QuickLegal is not responsible for the services provided by the lawyer.
  3. The lawyer acknowledges and agrees that he is solely responsible for fulfilling his legal obligations. In particular, he acknowledges that he retains full responsibility for the fulfillment of legal and fiscal obligations in accordance with the legislation applicable to his form of professional practice, including with regard to his VAT declaration and payment obligations.
  4. The lawyer declares that he has the full capacity to contract and holds all the necessary authorizations in order to provide the requested services. It also declares that it acts in full financial, logistical and decision-making independence from the QuickLegal company.
  5. The lawyer guarantees and is liable unlimitedly for any damages he causes to the User by not complying with the obligations he assumes.
  6. The lawyer has no right to make commitments on behalf of or on behalf of the Company. Both the Lawyer and the potential client warrant and answer for their ownership of the intellectual property rights in the content they upload to the site.
  7. If the QuickLegal company considers that a User does not comply with the terms of this document, or has caused or may damage the Platform in any way, the QuickLegal company may restrict the User’s access to the Platform without prior notification. The restriction of the User’s access may be preceded by warnings depending on the severity of the violation, as the case may be, a benefit at the sole discretion of the Platform administrator. Restriction can mean: (i) deleting content that does not comply with the terms of the Agreement; (ii) temporary or permanent suspension of the account and all the information it contains; (iii) deleting the defined options and denying access to the Platform services
  • QuickLegal’s Rights and Obligations
  1. The QuickLegal company makes every effort to ensure access and proper functioning of the Platform and services 24/7. However, given the limitations of the Internet, the company cannot exclude the fact that access and operation of the Platform and services may be interrupted, especially in cases of force majeure, malfunctions of the User’s equipment, malfunctions of the Users’ Internet network, operations of maintenance and improvement of the Platform and services. The company is not responsible for an interruption of services, voluntary or not, being specified that it undertakes to do everything possible to minimize the interruptions that could be attributed to it.
  2. The Company provides potential clients with tools and technical means that allow them to enter into relations with a lawyer, through the Platform, in order to conclude a contract of legal representation. The company’s liability is limited to providing these facilities as described in these terms and conditions.
  3. The Company is not responsible for any inaccuracy or error, nor for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the Platform. QuickLegal and the User are independent parties, each acting in its own name and on its own account.
  4. QuickLegal does not assume and cannot be held responsible by third parties for claims arising from or in connection with the information, services or materials used/uploaded by lawyers on the Platform.
  5. The Company does not conclude any contract in the name and / or on behalf of a lawyer or a potential client / project bidder, they contact directly, in their own name, by using the Platform. Consequently, the QuickLegal company cannot under any circumstances be considered an employee / employer, agent, trustee or intermediary of a User.
  6. QuickLegal is not a party to contracts concluded between lawyers and clients / collaborators. They are solely responsible for difficulties, complaints and disputes that may arise during the conclusion and/or execution of these contracts. Therefore, the User releases QuickLegal from any responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the Platform and/or the conclusion and/or execution of such a contract between a lawyer and a client/collaborator.
  7. Strictly for the purpose of preserving the prestige of the legal profession and society, QuickLegal will do all the diligence to identify the lawyer as a UNBR member lawyer. For this, the lawyer will send the company all the documents indicated by it when creating the account. The lawyer is solely responsible for identifying the identity of the potential client with whom he will contract.
  8. QuickLegal may delete without notice any accounts that have not been accessed for more than 6 months.
  9. QuickLegal has the right to modify or delete accounts that contain advertisements or any contact information other than that requested when the account was created.
  10. QuickLegal does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the materials, software and services on this Platform. QuickLegal reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the materials and services on the Platform. QuickLegal makes no commitment to update the materials and services on the Platform.
  11. Also, the User assumes full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the account name/email address and the associated password, as well as for the information that he transmits or publishes on the Internet using the services of the Platform. QuickLegal has no responsibility for the information published or transmitted on the Internet or through any other means of communication by the Users of this Platform, nor for the possible consequences arising in the event of unauthorized access to the account/e-mail address by third parties, from any reasons.
  12. The User agrees to indemnify and not take legal action against the QuickLegal company, as well as external collaborators, regarding any claim raised by a third party, resulting from the use of the service by the User, as well as regarding any loss (direct , indirect, consequential or otherwise), costs, actions, lawsuits, claims, damages, expenses (including court costs) or other liabilities, incurred in any way or caused by the use of the Platform, as well as external collaborators, as following the violation or disregard by the User of these terms and conditions or of any applicable legal provision.
  13. QuickLegal is not responsible for any possible damage caused in the relationship between lawyer and client/collaborator, including, but not limited to: inferior services, failure to appear before the court, theft of the office of the lawyer’s practice form, conflicts of any nature between the parties, late payments or non-compliant. The potential client, both before and after contracting with the lawyer, therefore takes full responsibility for choosing the lawyer and maintaining a good relationship with him.


  1. Data transfer through the Platform is encrypted according to the SSL standard. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology that establishes encrypted links between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browsers remains private and intact. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites to protect online transactions with their customers.
  2. The User is authorized to create one or more hypertext links to indicate, for example, on the profile page, if he is a Lawyer.
  3. Users are prohibited from posting links from sites that do not comply with current legislation or that could harm the interests, reputation and / or image of the site and the QuickLegal company.
  4. QuickLegal reserves the right to terminate this authorization at any time, if it is found that the link established with the site is likely to affect its interests, reputation and / or image.
  5. The existence of a hypertext link from a third-party site to the Platform does not in any way imply a cooperation and / or partnership between the Platform and this third-party site. The Company has no control over third-party sites and therefore assumes no responsibility for the content and products and/or services available on or from these sites accessible through a link to the Platform.
  6. The Platform may contain links to QuickLegal’s partner sites or to third-party sites. The Company has no control over these sites and therefore assumes no responsibility for the availability, content and products and/or services available on these sites.
  7. QuickLegal will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may occur due to the User’s access to the partner and / or third-party website and the use of the content and products and / or services of this website by the User.


  1. The Platform and each of its components, including but not limited to text, images, videos, photographs, trademarks, logos, company names, domain names, are the exclusive property of QuickLegal and its partners.
  2. Any User who posts content on the Site retains full ownership of what they post.
  3. By creating a profile or leaving/sending profile recommendations or opinions on the Platform, the User expressly authorizes QuickLegal to use, distribute, host, store, reproduce, communicate, publish, modify, adapt, translate and display such content on social networks, blogs and / or any other media (including physical and digital media, press releases, sales support, marketing materials and / or advertising), by any means, for the purpose of operation, improvement, promotion, marketing and advertising the services and the site or for the purpose of establishing partnerships. This authorization is worldwide and unlimited.


  1. None of the contracting parties is responsible for non-execution on time and/or improper execution – in whole or in part – of any obligation falling under this contract, if the non-execution or improper execution of the respective obligation was caused by force majeure, as defined by law. The party invoking force majeure is obliged to notify the other party within 60 days of the occurrence of the event and to take all possible measures to limit the consequences. If within 90 days from the occurrence of the respective event, the parties have the right to notify the full termination of this contract without any of them claiming damages.


  1. This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period from the acceptance of these terms by accessing and/or using the Platform by the User.


  1. For any question or information about the Platform and services, and/or this document, the User can contact us by sending an email to the following address: contact@quicklegal.ro
  2. Users can be informed by QuickLegal by sending electronic notifications of any type (pop-ups, texts included in the website, etc.), e-mails, SMS messages, direct telephone contact for the transmission of messages.
  3. The communication is objectionable if it is made according to art. 88 and the notification is deemed to be received on the first business day after the one on which it was sent. Verbal notifications are not taken into account by either party.


  1. QuickLegal reserves the right to unilaterally modify all or part of this Agreement. The Company will inform the User about the changes made to these terms as soon as they are posted on the Platform.
  2. The User is obliged to constantly check the terms of use and to respect them when accessing the Platform. Any access to or continued use of the Platform’s services is deemed acceptance of the terms and conditions of use then in effect.


  1. Personal data are protected in accordance with the legislation in force. The privacy policy can be accessed in the Navigation section of the Platform.


  1. In the event that one of the clauses of this contract will be declared null and void by a change in legislation, regulations or by a court decision, this will in no way affect the validity and compliance of these general conditions. QuickLegal’s failure to exercise its rights hereunder shall not constitute a waiver of its rights.
  2. Any complaint or dissatisfaction regarding the operation of the Platform must be sent in writing to the e-mail address contact@quicklegal.ro within a maximum of 10 days. QuickLegal will investigate the complaint within 30 days of receipt.
  3. Any conflict arising between Users and QuickLegal will be resolved amicably, by agreement between the parties.
  4. If the conflict is not resolved amicably, the jurisdiction rests with the courts at the headquarters of the QuickLegal company.
  5. The interpretation and application of these terms and conditions will be made according to Romanian law. In case of contradictions between the Romanian version and any other language, the Romanian version will prevail.

This version 2022.01 was updated today 02/01/2022. To the extent that it will be modified, the new version will be made available on the web page https://quicklegal.ro accessible from the Navigation section.