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At QuickLegal we take pride not only in our exceptional services but also in the strategic partnerships we have developed to offer our customers comprehensive and integrated solutions  

We collaborate with a selection of trusted partners to ensure you have access to a wide range of complementary services, designed to meet the needs of your business  

Synergy partners

We strongly believe in innovation and aim to offer, together with our partners, efficient and automated solutions for debt recovery or other legal procedures. Through our partner program, we invite you to collaborate with us and benefit from unique opportunities that can increase your clients’ trust and loyalty 

By joining forces with trusted partners, we have created an ecosystem of synergistic services designed to meet the complex needs of your business in a holistic way.


Join our partner program

Benefit from promotional offers and discounts 

Diversify your Offer

Expand the services you offer to your clients by including top solutions for debt recovery, without the need to invest in the internal development of these skills.

Attractive Commissions

Benefit from a competitive commission model that directly rewards you for clients brought to our platform.

Access to Advanced Technology

Use our platform, which is based on cutting-edge technology, to offer your clients the most efficient methods of debt recovery or to get in touch with a specialised lawyer.

Marketing and Promotion

We provide comprehensive training and marketing resources to ensure you have all the necessary tools to promote the services.