How do I redirect up to 3.5% of income tax to an NGO?

Until May 25, 2021, interested natural persons can fill out form 230, which gives them the opportunity to redirect up to 3.5% of the annual income tax corresponding to the year 2020 to a cause they want to support.

Thus, any interested person must look for the NGO or cult unit to which he wishes to forward this amount and then download and complete the form intended for this purpose from its website or from the ANAF website.

Once the form is completed, to be considered, interested persons must:

  1. Either deposit it directly at the ANAF counter;
  2. Either submit it in the individual ANAF Virtual Private Space;
  3. Either send it by mail, as a registered letter, to the ANAF unit to which they belong;
  4. Either send it to the NGO in question, which will later submit it on the basis of the slip, in which case the natural person who completed the form will be notified by ANAF regarding his option;

Attention, the people who can fill out form 230 are not only employees. Pensioners also have this possibility, those who earn income as PFA or from other independent activities, those who earn income from intellectual property rights, from agricultural activities or from the transfer of the use of goods – rent. However, this tax redirection cannot be based on any financial aid received from the state in 2020, as a result of the health crisis.



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