We are all watching the tragic events that are now taking place in Ukraine as a result of an unjustified and illegal war. Russia’s aggressive actions are a flagrant violation of international law, an attack on the territorial integrity of Ukraine and its sovereign rights within its territory.

QuickLegal encourages, supports and promotes any form of assistance coming from our legal professionals and wishes to facilitate any necessary intermediation in this regard between Ukrainian citizens, refugees who have come to our country, and lawyers who wish to lend a helping hand through free legal assistance.

We are in direct contact with a group of Ukrainian lawyers who provide an online information platform for Ukrainian citizens in need of legal assistance. We encourage all lawyers on the QuickLegal platform to help out as much as possible based on ones’ availability.

To those of you who want to help, please write to us at our contact address: and we will put you in direct contact with our Ukrainian colleagues.

We thank all those who get involved and help in any way they can during these difficulty times.



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